Corporate Staff Development 

TM~Teambuilding helps companies increase employee productivity which will increase efficiency and save the company money. We offer a professionally facilitated series of team building activities and challenges which help develop critical thinking, leadership, and cooperation skills within your staff. The program trains staff to appreciate and respect each other and gives them innovative tips for how to interact with their peers as well as subordinates in new ways.

We use proprietary games and activities to engage your staff in problem-solving challenges that requires them to cooperate with each other to find solutions in a fun setting. Each session begins with a short interactive discussion of what we plan to accomplish and a description of the challenges ahead. Afterwards there is a de-brief period to review what they learned . We tailor the program to each team's needs or weaknesses. With over 100 challenges, we are able to customize an interactive program for small or large groups.

Small group sessions (under 20) are more intensive and detailed with much more discussion and personal interaction. We divide the group into 2 teams and using teamwork games as the foundation, require your employees to work together to complete each challenge. Some games require strong leadership, while others can only be solved by allowing everyone to lead as the game flows. The de-brief after each game allows each member to talk about "what happened and why" and "what could they do next time to solve the game either faster, or in a more efficient manner".

Large group activities are designed as activities that require teamwork to solve them and allows for group bonding and departmental cohesion. The games are larger in format while still requiring thoughtful consideration to solve them.

All our materials are written by professional curriculum writers using best practice progressions to help groups discover their problem-solving, reasoning, and teamwork abilities.


  Building Team Unity

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Working as a team to get the job done

Working together to build a cube and then balancing it on a tiny disk.  Leadership and critical thinking are key.