Educational Staff Development

TM~Teambuilding is the leader in Team Building experiences for Staff Development and Leadership Events. We offer a professionally facilitated series of activities and challenges which help develop critical thinking, leadership, and cooperation skills while having fun.

TM~Teambuilding is highly respected by senior staff and educators. The program teaches staff to appreciate each other and gives them innovative tips for how to interact with their peers as well as subordinates in new ways. Each session begins with a short interactive discussion of what we plan to accomplish and a description of the challenges ahead. Afterwards there is a short debrief of review what they learned.

Each challenge has a different set of values that the team's discover. Even in just 1-2 hours of the 1st workshop, we often see vast changes in the way the teams treat each other and the way they work together.

All our materials are written by professional curriculum writers using best practice progressions to help groups discover their problem-solving, reasoning, and teamwork abilities.

Our programming works great with college orientation programs, in-school workshops to get groups of people to bond with each other, and with teachers, counselors and other staff who work together.

We can come to your school, or have your team come to our site in Teaneck, NJ. We are very flexible to work with your budget, time constraints, and group size.


Building Team Unity

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Working together to flip the tarp