Building Team Unity

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What We Do

At TM~Teambuilding our experiences are designed to engage, enable, unite and empower your staff. With a focus on respect, cooperation and team spirit, we train staff to gain compassion, confidence, self-esteem and the critical thinking skills that will equip them for the challenges they face in working with others. These challenges can be peer pressure, stress, family issues, social isolation, academic and athletic  competition. We feel that a true teambuilding program must:

Engagewith meaningful, hands-on activities
Enableby reflecting on both individual skills and areas of learning

Unite the group by participating in challenges with a shared vision and goal

Empower the group to transfer learning to make a difference in their day to day lives

How we do it

At TM~Teambuilding, our approach is facilitation not instruction. We allow participants to create and take ownership of their own learning. TM~Teambuilding facilitators are trained to guide groups through the process of discovering their strengths and evaluating alternative solutions to problems and challenges they face.

Hands-on Learning

Fundamental to the TM~Teambuilding approach is the idea that we learn best by doing. A study on the "Learning Pyramid" from the National Training Laboratories (Bethel, Maine) shows that in the traditional lecture/reading based environment, people experience retention rates of only 10%. On the other hand, when individuals are engaged in hands-on learning they retain up to 90%. (Alexandria, 2006).


Why TM~Teambuilding Works

In the continuous cycle from Activity to Reflection (de-brief) to Transfer (teach others), the participants practice new skills, evaluate their success, and think about how these skills can help them in the real world. Participants will come out of the program feeling much better prepared for all situations, whether it is uniting to help a team member, or communicating and interacting more effectively with peers, senior staff, or subordinates which leads to better productivity.

     Working together to flip the tarp

Team Walkers gets 4 players working together


A step by step look at how we save you money and make your staff more efficient, effective and cohesive units of operation:

TM~Teambuilding experience outclasses the competition in many ways because we are cost effective and  we will  come to your location or selected place of interest to perform our team building events. Or you can come to our location in Teaneck, NJ at no additional cost.

TM~Teambuilding is cost efficient: our challenges are centered around the people and not the material. There are no extra hidden costs, we bring all of our own supplies and props.

We are flexible with the scheduling of events: we can do whole day events, half-day events, or even work with a team for just a few hours.

Our facilitators are trained to work with small or large groups but to enhance the experience when we work with smaller groups they do receive more personal attention.

Groups of 20 people or less are assigned to one facilitator. The more people in a group the more facilitators we provide.

A typical 2 hour program begins with an introduction to what will occur over the next few hours, will reinforce your messaging of what is to accomplished, and then we use our unique techniques to divide the group into teams. After this, they will perform a series of challenging games with each one designated to "teach" different values. Following each activity is a de-brief session to discuss "what happened and why" so they can learn from their efforts and use them to build on the next set of challenges.

People who come through a series of our workshops have shown increased productivity, have become better teammates with their co-workers and seek to provide solutions rather than create conflict in tense situations.

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